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What You'll Get from Our Buddy Program

Customized Pairing

Customized Pairing

Matched by shared interests, mother language and Chinese level

Taiwanese Partner

Taiwanese Partner

Learn the localest Chinese with your local buddy by chatting or drinking

Authentic Experience

Authentic Experience

Explore hidden gems in Taiwan with local and international friends

Interactive Events

Interactive Events

Spice up the conversations in an engaging atmosphere at our events

Local Tips

Local Tips

Get insights, hacks and fun facts in Taiwan from locals

Pay NTD. 400
for The Program
Plus Event Pass

Save Up to 40%

What Participants Said

No one else can organize a more enthusiastic language ex-change event than FRNCi!

Phuong Thao, Vietnam

Finally Got The Courage To Speak Chinese… Strongly recommend FRNCi's events!

Ulysses, France

My friends and I enjoyed Craft Beer Night a lot and will definitely go again!

Franz, Germany

Past Events

Aug. 25th // Kickoff Party

Taiwan Craft Beer x Culture Exchange x Beer Games

Time | Aug 25 (Fri.) 19:30-23:00
Location | 23 Public Craft Beer
Payment |
300NTD for International Students& FRNCi Members
350NTD for non-members


Aug. 26th // August Picnic

Culture Exchange x Food Sharing

Time | 16:00-19:00 on S 26 (Sat.), 2017
Location | Yanping Riverside Park
Payment | FREE


Sep. 09th (Sat.) // SpeakEasy

Let's Play Mahjong and Language Exchange

Time | 14:00-17:30
Location | My Yacht Taproom
Payment |
300 NTD for Program Members
350 NTD for non-members


Sep. 09th (Sat.)// Taiwan Craft Beer Night

Taiwan Craft Beer x Drinking Snacks x Beer Games

Time | 19:30-23:00
Location | Tipsy Taipei
Payment |
300 NTD for Program Members
350 NTD for non-members
600 NTD for Pair Special (2 people)


Sep. 23th // Buddy Day: Get Together!

Exclusive for program members

MEET YOUR BUDDY for the first time!

This is the first and private event designed only for the program members, which will be presented in games, teams and… laughter!

Time | [Session 1] 12:30PM - 3:30PM
           [Session 2] 4:30PM - 7:30PM
Location | 派大星Event Space
Payment | Free for program members

*Note: One can only participate in one session due to the amount of all the members. We will announce the schedule by Sep 15 after arranging the buddy list.

Oct. 06th // Moon Festival BBQ party

Priority for program members

Barbecue Party in Taipei this autumn!

Time | 07:30PM - 11:00PM
Location | will be announced later (outdoor for sure!)
Registration date | Sep 20 - Sep 30
Payment (sign up and pay beforehand) |
400 NTD for program members
600 NTD for other FRNCi members


Oct. 21st // SpeakEasy

Time for Board Games and Language Exchange

Time | 14:30 - 17:30
Location | 仙人掌休閒館 Cactus Game
Registration date | Untill Oct 16 (Mon.)
Payment (sign up and pay beforehand) |
280 NTD for program members
350 NTD for other FRNCi members


Oct. 21st // Taiwan Stir Fried Night

Time | 19:00 - 22:00
Location | 馬林漁生猛海鮮 Marine Seafood
Registration date | Untill Oct 16 (Mon.)
Payment (sign up and pay beforehand) |
350 NTD for program members
450 NTD for other FRNCi members


Nov. 17th // Taipei House Party

Priority for program members
Enjoy Taiwan As Your Second Home

ime | 20:00 - 23:00
Location | Keepworking Coworking Space
Payment |
[Early Bird Tickets]
450 NTD for Program Members
550 NTD for others
[Purchase On Site]
700 NTD for on-site ticket


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