Celine Fauvelle

32, @Stockholm, Sweden

Open for Adventures


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    #   Cooking #   Drinking #   Traditional Food #   Night Market #   Listening to Music
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    #   Stockholm, Sweden
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    I would be happy to take you for a walk around the islands of Stockholm, cook a Swedish meal with you or take you to a typical Swedish "fika"- a coffee and pastry place.

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2016/4/27 21:44


Lee Pin  @Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan

Celine is really open-minded, smiley and curious about local culture. It's really fun to meet her and her mom in Taipei! I really enjoy the time with them, trying many kinds of local dish, wandering in local traditional market, chatting a lot about culture and exchanging our perspectives. She is also one of the "bravest" foodie I have met, willing to try exotic food with local's recommendation. I hope we can meet again soon in the future :)

excellent , 2016/5/17

Fauvelle Celine  @Stockholm, Sweden

Pin kept in touch with us during our entire stay in Taiwan! She helped us get together with wonderful people and also took us out herself to experience new parts of Taipei. Pin is a really warm person and she took such good care of us, making sure we got the most out of our trip. Pin also speaks excellent english which makes it easy to get answers to all kinds of questions regarding Taiwan's culture, food, or other things that are not written in the guide books. Thank you so much Pin!!

excellent , 2016/4/21

盧 奕廷  @Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan


excellent , 2016/1/28

Fauvelle Celine  @Stockholm, Sweden

Magic shared his Taipei with us and he took us to part of Taipei we would probably not have seen if it wasn't for him! He was so kind driving us to cool places and showing us some amazing food! We went to a great wholesale market, to a beautiful fish market and got a taste of some local breakfast delicacies. We finished off with some amazing sushi at Magic's special place...

excellent , 2016/4/21

lee Sen  @Tainan City, Taiwan

We had lots of fun for there days in our ancient city, Tainan, Celine is a brave girl who had a little adventure on my motorbike. I enjoyed discussing with her about people, their views, lives and food around the world.And, share two unforgettable local seafood dinner beside the city road.Wish her a cozy journey in Taiwan with no less adventures!

excellent , 2016/1/28

Fauvelle Celine  @Stockholm, Sweden

Sen showed us around his Tainan. He was extremely ambitious and so kind, making sure we got to see all kinds of places and he had made great efforts to give us the opportunity to try many kinds of local food-everything from breakfast to desserts and delicious seafood. He also helped us planning the next step of our trip, drew maps for us and took me to he train station to buy tickets. Thanks to Sen we had a wonderful time in Tainan!

excellent , 2016/4/21