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    台灣人常說:「台灣最美麗的風景,是人。」因此若有機會,將邀請各位旅人走入我所在的社區與當地人交流、分享。我認為人與人之間的相處並不一定需要透過語言傳達,有時一個不經意的微笑,或是一個善意的回應,其實就足以搭起友誼的橋樑。因為我堅信,正是因為我們彼此願意拿出最真誠的態度接待,對方是會接收到的,因此若有機會邀請外國朋友來到我的家鄉-基隆,我除了將親自帶領他們欣賞基隆美麗的自然景色外,更重要的是會帶著你們認識這裡民風純樸的漁村村民以及當地的人文風景,讓你們真正感受到台灣人的“熱情”與“好客”。 Taiwanese people always said:”The most beautiful scenery of Taiwan is ”the people”.” That so, if I had chance I would like to invite traveler enter my lovely hometown, Keelung city. I will be your personal tour guide to show you around and talk with people. I believe that the relationship between people can be establish beyond language barrier, maybe a hearty smile or true response could be the link between you and locals, because I believe if we take out of truly attitude to host, people can received that and give back in the same way. If I had chance to take you around I would give you an great opportunity to talk or do some cultural exchange during the period you stay with me. I believe you can 100% experiences passionate and hospitality in Taiwanese style.

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    大家好!我是Pochi,很高興加入Fraci認識大家,我目前是一位網路行銷人員,同時也是Couchsurfing沙發主的一員。過去2年的時間已經分別在台灣的北、中、南、東地區接待超過40位來自25個不同國家的背包客。每一位Host的經驗對我來說都是非常難忘的,經由和這些旅人的分享不僅拓展我的世界觀,也讓彼此的靈魂產生不少的碰撞與衝擊。畢業後入伍接受教育替代役的訓練,從那時候開始我就告訴自己要將這美好的經驗讓更多人知道、體驗!入伍後3個月開始在好美國小推動名為「將世界帶入好美」的計畫,邀請來自世界各地的沙發客進入小學,開啟小朋友的視野,邀請他們主動進入國小分享自己的國家與文化。我期待孩子們透過和外國人的互動過程中開啟他們願意主動學習英文的動機之外,更重要的是文化的交流以及不希望他們將學習語文當作是一種受壓迫式的教育,而是充滿新鮮感與樂趣的一門課程。 我自認是一位開朗、隨和的人,我喜歡各式各樣的活動,並且對任何沒有接觸過的事物都感到濃厚的興趣,對於新鮮事物我都想要嘗試。另外,我也非常喜歡交朋友,透過交談與交換不同文化、經驗等交流以達到更認識彼此的目的。期待透過Fraci這個大大的大平台提供一個交流的機會,可以接觸到更多獨一無二的生命故事。 Hello, everyone. My name is Pochi, I am glad to be a member of Frnci. Now I am working in Taipei as a Marketing. Also, I am a Couchsurfing host too. For past 2 years I`ve host more then 40 surfers from 25 different countries. Now I am living in Keelung city, which have wonderful scene and fresh seafood. When I was in college, my friend introduced a website called ”Couchsurfing”. For a year, I have hosted more than 30 surfers from over 20 different countries and region, each experience of hosting surfers were individually special and unforgettable. They not only have extended my perspective to the world, but made our soul got impact to made more good idea or thought. After my graduation, I started my alternative serving in Haomei elementary school. By that time, I told myself to share these fantastic experiences to people around me. 3 month later from my date begin to service, I start my project called ”Bring world into Haomei”. The purpose is invite surfers from all over the world come into our school, to open childrens vision and invite them step into village of the world, and motivate them study English in an interesting way rather than boredom and fear. Most of all, is to make them interact with real people and not just use textbook to learn. Due to I like to put myself into a totally unfamiliar place to define here I`ve belong again. I volunteer to the partial township after training, in this place I experiences the most precious things in Taiwan, it should be the people`s passion and hospitality. I consider myself as a cheerful and easygoing person, I can make friends with any types of people. Also, I am very curious and love to try anything new. I wish I could through FRNCi this platform to invite more and more people know about this beautiful island. Hope to see you guys in soon future and hope we can explore Taiwan together more deeply. :)

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