Robert Shiau

26, @Los Angeles, CA, USA

Open for Adventures

  • Visiting City

    Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Visiting Date

    From 2017-09-25 To 2018-01-01
  • Short Description

    Hello people of Taiwan! I am born and raised in California but Taiwan is my home. I can speak Chinese and would love to meet people from here. That way I can learn, eat, see, and live life through your eyes! If you are nice, love to talk, eat, have fun, maybe even practice your English haha, and learn from my American expreriences too, I would love to meet you. We can share experiences and grow from being friends~ Please message me, Thank You! ^^


  • Hobby

    #   Drinking #   Night Market #   Sweets #   Bars & Clubs #   Concerts& Music Festivals
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  • Familiar City

    #   Los Angeles, CA, USA #   San Francisco, CA, USA

    #   Seattle, WA, USA
  • Experience

    I am born and raised in California so English is my first language but can also speak and understand Mandarin Chinese. I believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect. I can be a quiet person but also very outgoing and talk a lot if you are as well :) I am open minded and enjoy learning about different cultures. I’m able to talk about anything whether it is basic or deep conversations. I’m not afraid to be honest and weird. A fun time is always one with positive energy. Peace + Love is the best & most excellent way. I need practice with Chinese so if you are interested and willing to help, MESSAGE ME! I would love to make Taiwanese friends. I can help with your English and share my experiences with you too~ ^^

  • Self-introduction

    LINE + Instagram: rshiau I love music (I play the piano, drums, DJ), fashion, art, graphic design, TV, movies, food, cooking, funny comedy, video games, anime, tech, nature, outdoor adventures, indoor quality time, people who are not afraid to be themself (be weird and comfortable) & can talk about anyything, education, books, and culture. I go to a lot of music festivals + shows and spend most of my time around creative, kind, respectful, and loving people. ^^

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