Vava Chen Chen

25, @台灣台北

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    #   History #   Coffee Tasting #   Basketball #   Animals/Pets
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    #   台灣台北 #   台灣花蓮縣

    #   台灣桃園市
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    Love to find new things. Let's do something !!!!!! hey let's go!!!!!

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    I'm an engineer. Love to play basketball, watch movie and take challenge.... If you want to take a trip in Taipei. Le's take a trip!

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H Maik  @Ichinomiya

We met just for a view hours, but the time with her was great! She was really into showing me around and explaining everything as good as possible. I hope, next time I go to Taipei, she has time for me, again!

excellent , 2016/6/6

Chen Vava Chen  @台灣台北

It's a great experience to hang out with Mike. You're the first Japanese from Germany I met. There a lot of different culture, habits I did't know before. I'd love to show you around Taipei next time, hope to see you soon!

excellent , 2016/6/6

lee Sen  @Tainan City, Taiwan

CHEN VAVA is a cool girl, good at driving, friendly and enthusiastic, I stayed with her and her friends for a couple of days. I had a good time with her.

excellent , 2016/4/12

Chen Vava Chen  @台灣台北

Thank you for your invitation and show us around Tainan. This is the first time there is Tainanese in company with me to explore the local culture, fantastic food, and wonderful landscapes. If you come to Taoyuan, I'd love to show you around!

excellent , 2016/4/12

李 早安  @Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan

I love this trip and hope we'll go together to explore more special places for the next time.

excellent , 2016/4/12

Chen Vava Chen  @台灣台北

hey, thanks your invitation. It's a good experience with you to go hiking.

excellent , 2016/4/12